Modular Homes Colorado – Why chose us?

Modular Homes Colorado are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to own a good sustainable quality home.  At Modular homes Colorado we prefabricate your home in our factory. That means they are not constructed on-site, but are constructed off-site in a factory.

They are constructed in separate modules which are later joined to make a whole. Upon completion, we constructor transport the separate modules to the desired location where they are assembled.

Modular Homes vs Manufactured Homes

Modular Homes Colorado

One needs to be careful not to confuse modular homes with manufactured homes like mobile homes or trailers. The main differences between modular homes and manufactured homes centres on permanence, resale value and the building codes applicable to each. The modular homes are built on foundations that are permanent in nature. The manufactured ones, on the other hand, will be built in a way that they have wheels. This is meant to allow them to be easily moved or towed. In addition, the manufactured homes tend to have a lower resale value as compared to a modular home. A modular home is sturdier, more permanent, and will therefore fetch a better resale value.

In addition, the manufactured homes only need to adhere to the more lenient Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards.

However, the modular homes, like all prefabricated houses, are required to conform to the more stringent state and federal building regulation codes, and have to undergo regular checks from building inspectors.

Other differences between manufactured homes and modular homes revolves around the issues of quality, design and building limitation.

Many home buyers find Modular Homes Colorado very receptive to their desire and plans to own a home for a number of reasons.

 Here is a look at six main advantages of modular homes that many home owners find appealing:

1 – Affordability

Modular homes are generally more affordable that traditional homes. A large portion of the modular home will be built off-site, in the factory, and this in essence means that there are likely to be less costly interruptions to the work in progress. Often, on-site home builders will encounter delays arising from foul weather or late deliveries by suppliers. These delays usually translate to added costs. One would expect to spend between 10% and 20% less on the modular home as compared to a stick built home

2 – Added Options of Finance

A modular home buyer may opt to negotiate for additional financing options from Modular Homes Colorado. This additional financing option is not normally available to traditional home buyers. This facility offered only to the modular home buyer is a more favourable form of financing than the ones given to regular home owners by banks and other lending institutions. Basically, this means that the modular home buyer stands to enjoy the added advantage of getting a less expensive home.

3 – Faster Construction

The fact that the process of constructing pre-fabricated homes experiences less downtime means that customers receive their modular houses in far much less time than those of regular homes. Modular homes are constructed indoors, where they are adequately shielded from the vagrancies of nature, and with all the requisite materials and personnel (including inspectors) available. This cannot be said of the process of constructing traditional houses. The process of building a regular home is wrought with a myriad of loopholes that can occasion a delay. From delays brought by late building inspectors, to interruptions due to bad weather and late suppliers, a million things can go wrong in on-site constructions that would occasion a long extension on the scheduled completion date.

4 – Impact on the Environment

In this age of global warming and ozone depletion, many conscientious home buyers are taking the issue of environmental impact very seriously. Modular homes are designed to meet and often surpass the most rigorous environmental assessment qualifications. They are tailor-made to be environmentally friendly. Home owners will find this quite appropriate because the manufacturers employ energy saving technology, which translates to less utility bills and enhanced conservation of the environment

5 – Wide range of designs

A modular homeowner is spoilt for choice. There is a wide variety of designs to choose from, both modern and traditional. A look at some of the designs made by Modular Homes Colorado for past customers will confirm that even the most amazingly unique home concepts can be actualised.

modern modular homeModular Home in the trees



6-Sustainability and Safety

The highest standards of construction are observed in putting up a Modular home. It is ensured that state and federal building rules are stringently adhered to. It is no secret that the science of factory precision used in factory made houses ensures that they often conform to higher standards than on-site built houses, to the extent that their ecological friendliness cannot be matched.

Modular houses are made in the factory, but the ultimate intention is that they will be transported to the desired location. The process of moving the houses to their final location via can be treacherous, especially when the distances involved is long. To withstand this process, each individual module has to be made strong enough. The construction of modular homes uses up to 25% more materials than regular homes. Indeed, hey are built with so much concern for safety that FEMA noted that a well-built modular home has the capability to withstand conditions as worse as those brought about by hurricanes.

Home buyers have attested to the fact that modular homes require less maintenance and upkeep. This is attributed one major factor: they are constructed with superior construction technology ensures they are energy efficient. The low maintenance noted is further advantageous in that the house will not depreciate in value over time. If anything, modular house appreciate in value over a period of time, and the home owner will fetch a good resale price for it should the need arise.

The revolutionary way of construction used by Modular Homes Colorado has enabled many satisfied home owners to acquire affordable and high quality homes. This option has been lauded as the winning option of choosing the right home. Many home owners have found it a very attractive way of owning their dream home, since it offers far many more benefits than the traditional regular options that have been there in the market.




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